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​Mobile Grooming Salon

Payment in the form of cash or check is expected at the time of service. In the event a payment is not made on the date of service, you may mail payment within 10 days. Checks may be made to Cocker Poodle Doo or Bridget Sullivan. Returned checks are subject to a $35 fee.

Given appointment time is an estimate only and is usually given in a 1-2 hour range. Arrival time may vary based on time spent at other appointments and traffic conditions. In the event that you need to cancel an appointment, please notify Cocker Poodle Doo at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. A voicemail, email or text message is acceptable. Should you fail to provide notice, an additional $30 cancellation fee will be added to your next grooming or billed to you. In the event of a “no show” (if Cocker Poodle Doo arrives at the house and is unable to gain possession of the dog for grooming) a $50 fee will be charged for fuel and time reimbursement. Cancellations may occur at anytime by Cocker Poodle Doo due to weather/road conditions, equipment failure, personal illness, etc. Every effort will be made to contact you for rescheduling and will be on a case by case basis.

In the event your dog is matted, if the coat cannot be painlessly de-matted in under 15 minutes, the coat will be shaved. Extra charges apply for de-matting.

You must disclose any and all health concerns about your dog which may impact the grooming process. Cocker Poodle Doo will not be held responsible for health issues uncovered during the grooming process.

All dogs groomed by Cocker Poodle Doo must be current on rabies vaccinations.

Refusal of Service
Cocker Poodle Doo has the right to refuse service to dogs that are overly aggressive, severely matted, or dogs with health issues that require a visit to the veterinarian.