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​Mobile Grooming Salon

Why is your mobile service more expensive than my old groomer?
Mobile grooming prices can be sticker shock at first, but there are a few things you must consider. A mobile groomer spends a good amount of the day driving from house to house, setting up, cleaning up, and making new appointments with customers, so we can not groom as many dogs as a stationary shop where a full 8 hours of grooming time is available with no driving in between. I typically average 4-6 dogs per day compared to a shop who may do 8-12 or even more! A larger shop can also hire bathers at lower wages to wash and dry dogs which is at least half of the grooming time, allowing them to charge you less for your groom. Using a mobile groomer like myself, you are getting one skilled professional who will be working on your dog start to finish, every appointment. We also have very high fuel, maintenance and insurance expenses for our vehicles due to the large amount of miles we do everyday! Mobile grooming is a convenient, specialized, luxury service which saves you time, fuel, and wear and tear on your car, and above all, provides a much better atmosphere for your dog. Many shops also do "add-on" services for an extra fee. I include these as standard: i.e. express service, upgraded high-quality shampoo, Dremel and bandana. Most people agree that overall, mobile grooming is well worth the additional charge!

How often should I have my dog professionally groomed?
This will vary depending on the breed you have, the haircut desired and how much work you are willing to do at home. Most of my clients are on 4-6 week schedules, but I do have some clients who prefer as often as 2 weeks and a select few low maintenance dogs who can go as long as 8-12 weeks. A dog in a shorter haircut can go longer while a dog with more hair may require less time between appointments to keep the hair from matting. We can discuss your dogs personal needs over the phone or at our first appointment and pick a schedule and haircut that works for everyone.

How far in advance do I need to schedule an appointment?
My clients are on schedules varying mostly from 2-8 weeks so I am always booked in advance. If I am currently accepting new customers, I can usually fit them in within a couple of weeks but it could be longer depending on my personal schedule and the time of year. On occasion, I might be able to squeeze you in immediately if I have some extra time in your neighborhood or had a cancellation.

How long does the grooming take?
Most small dogs are done in about an hour while medium to large or longer/thicker coated dogs may take 1.5 to 2 hours.

Do you have evening and weekend appointments?
I generally schedule appointments weekdays only from late morning until early evening. I sometimes utilize the weekend for reschedules due to weather, illness, equipment failure etc., but do not book weekend appointments regularly. I often book late afternoon appointments and work into the evening, and can make exceptions for a first time customer who works during the day and can not be home until later for our first appointment. If we do this for the first appointment, we may need to be able to work out a way for me to get into the house during the day for our future appointments.

Do I need to be home while you groom my dog?
This is one of the perks of using a mobile groomer! Many of my customers work outside the home and have busy schedules with their kids. I just need a way to get into the house whether it be a hidden key, code for garage door, etc. I do require that the customer be present for the first appointment so I can be introduced to the dog and we can discuss the haircut or other concerns, but going forward, as long as I am able to obtain your dog, you need not be present for the appointment.

Do you need to use my water or electric?
Typically not. My trailer carries 50 gallons of fresh water and also has a battery powered inverter system and commercial generator that provide more than enough power to run all of my equipment. I would only need to plug into the house as a backup in the event of an equipment failure. My backup cord has a regular plug that fits in any standard outlet found outside or in your garage. I do sometimes work long days full of big hairy dogs, so I carry hoses with me in case I need to top off my water supply to ensure everyone gets a thorough bath with plenty of suds and rinse water!

What is matting?
Matting is when the hair starts to tangle, and eventually gets so stuck together that it is almost impossible to comb out. A small mat will continue to collect hair and grow, pulling at the skin and causing the dog severe discomfort. The hair can also rip from the skin leaving a bald spot, hot spots, or other skin irritations. Due to the moisture that the mat traps in close to the skin, maggots, mold and other bacteria have also been found under mats in dogs! Numerous mats can all stick together forming a pelt on the entire dog which is extremely uncomfortable. You are not a bad owner if your dog gets some small mats, but allowing a dog to frequently become excessively matted is inhumane. The best way to prevent this is to make an effort to brush and comb your dog, and keep the dog on a regular schedule for professional grooming. I will be happy to show you the proper tools and techniques you can use at home to keep you dog mat free. Many people bathe their dogs at home and do not brush before or after. This will actually speed up the mat process! If you are bathing your dog at home, you should comb before and after the bath. If possible, you should dry the dog with a hair dryer as well. If not, you can comb through the wet coat before it dries, then again when the hair is dry.

My dog is already matted and I can't get them out, what can you do?
Some tangles or small mats that are away from the skin can probably be combed out, but if a dog is severely matted, I will have no choice but to shave the hair. This is the most humane option. Dematting can be very painful for the dog, and is also very time consuming, hard on my hands and my tools, and therefore, if I do do it, very expensive. Even if I were to brush out a severely matted coat, the hair would be so damaged, that it will mat up again within days. If we shave the hair and start over, the dog will be happier, and the hair will grow in fresh and healthy. Then we can discuss what we can do to get your dog into the longer style that you desire!

How often should I bathe and brush my dog in between appointments?
Different breeds and coat types have different needs, but any breed with longhair needs to be brushed AND combed frequently. Many people "brush" their dog by running a brush over the top of it's hair. Think about your own hair. You need a comb to get down to the skin. I will be happy to show you the best tools to use and how to use them to get the best results! Shedding breeds with double coats also need brushing to remove loose undercoat and keep the undercoat from clumping together and matting with the outer coat. Bathing is up to you. Some of my customers bathe their dogs frequently in between grooming appointments and some do not bathe at all. If you do chose to bathe you dog, just remember to brush and comb the dog after the bath, use a shampoo designed for dogs, and rinse thoroughly so the dog does not get dry and itchy! Also remember that moisture and water speed up the matting process. Be careful to comb out after swimming or rainy weather.

What if my dog doesn't let me brush him/her?
You must teach your dog to behave while being brushed. Just like anything else you want to train your dog to do, it is a process. You can sit on the floor and tie him to something or have someone hold him for you. If the dog really won't behave, you must lightly brush him everyday, even if the hair isn't tangled, to make it a quick, easy and enjoyable experience. When I was younger before I was a groomer, I used to lay my dog on his back on the floor and comb him while I watched TV. He would fall asleep and it was a slow relaxing yet productive time for us! If you make brushing a good experience at home and do not allow him to misbehave while being brushed, he will also have a better experience during his professional grooming. If you wait until he is matted until you try and brush, it will become a negative experience.

Do you groom cats?
Yes, I will groom well-behaved cats who are used to grooming.

Do you discount multiple dog households?
All appointments start at $125, but if I am saving time by doing multiple dogs at a location, I take that into consideration when setting the final appointment price. I do offer $35 nail trims for pets not getting the full service if I am already at the location.

Should I tip the dog groomer?
Tipping is at your discretion. Tips are always much appreciated but are not required!

Can I see inside your mobile salon? Can I stay with my dog while you groom?
Yes, you may take a quick tour of my trailer but no you may not stay while I groom. Most dogs get distracted and misbehave when their parents are around making the grooming more difficult and stressful for both dog and groomer. We will get the process done much quicker alone! Imagine how distracted your child would be if you sat in on their classes at school. Also, my insurance company does not allow the owner to be in the trailer with me while I am working. If you are concerned about your sick or elderly dog, remember that I am right outside and if anything were to happen or if I have any questions or need help, I can be at your front door in seconds. If you have your heart set on sitting with your dog during the grooming process, you may want to consider a house call groomer who sets up inside your house and may allow you to be present during grooming.

My dog has fleas, can you help?
I can do a flea and tick bath with my all natural Neem shampoo. This will kill all the fleas and keep your dog flea free for a few days, but may not solve the problem. If there are fleas in the house, they may jump right back on the dog when the shampoo wears off. Your best bet is to use a flea and tick treatment such as Frontline, Revolution or Advantix. Remember to apply the treatment deep under the coat directly on the skin no sooner than 48 hours after the bath. Many people do it immediately after a bath thinking that it will work better on a clean dog, but this is not true. These treatments work with the dogs natural oils so they need a couple of days to build up again after a bath. If the dog is on a treatment and still getting fleas, consider switching to a different brand. Also thoroughly wash all bedding and areas where fleas may be hiding.

Do you express anal glands?
I will perform this service on request or if it is obvious that it needs to be done. I only do this externally. Some dogs do not need this done and others are better off having it done internally by their vet.

Do you groom large dogs?
Yes, I love grooming large breeds! I will groom any breed of any size as long as I can safely handle the dog by myself. If the dog is too difficult for any reason, I may need to refuse service.

Do you hand-strip?
I prefer not to do much pure hand-stripping, but can do some moderate hand-stripping and carding. Hand-stripping is a specialized service that requires skill and is difficult on my hands but we can discuss what you are looking for and see if I can help you! I love keeping the coat as natural as possible while also keeping the grooming process as quick and easy as possible for me and your pet!

Do you do show grooming?
I am a skilled pet groomer, not a show groomer. My main concern is keeping your pet clean and comfortable while maintaining a practical but desirable look. I am not up to date on the show ring trends with each breed and therefore may not be a reliable choice for the show ring, but depending on the breed and type of haircut I might be able to maintain the dog in-between shows. Your handler or breeder should be able to help you with the grooming prior to the show.

If I bathe my dog before you come, can I get a discounted price?
No. The grooming prices are for a package that includes a bath, brushout and blow dry. This assures that the dog is clean to my standards and gives me a chance to really look at your dogs skin and possibly uncover skin issues, fleas, ticks, lumps, bumps, etc. It is also more difficult for me to give a dog a quality haircut without properly washing and drying the hair immediately prior.

My dog has skin issues, can you help?
I'm not a vet, but do have some knowledge in skin care. I can soak your dog in a hypoallergenic, medicated or lavender/oatmeal shampoo to help soothe your dog temporarily. Many dogs are allergic to ingredients in their food such as corn, wheat and soy. Try an all natural food with no byproducts, no corn and no wheat! Most supermarket dog food lists the first ingredient as corn and second as byproducts. In the wild, your dog would only eat grains that were digested by the animals it was eating. Dogs can digest some whole grains but generally do not do well with a high starch diet! Your local pet store can introduce you to many wonderful brands such as Merrick, California Natural, Wellness, and others. Dogs with skin problems may do well on a food with duck, however dogs with sensitive stomachs may not be able to handle it's richness. For dogs with dry skin, consider adding small amounts of fish oil, coconut oil or olive oil (not avocado oil) to their food.

Do you accept credit cards?
I currently accept checks, cash and Venmo.