​Mobile Grooming Salon

Classy Canine Styling in the Comfort of your Driveway!

Convenient for You
No dropping the dog off in the morning, waiting all day for the dog to get done and driving back to the salon for pick-up. You don't even have to be home when I come!

Safety and Health Concerns
No contact with large amounts of dogs in a traditional groom shop setting
No stressful interaction with aggressive dogs
Because I work alone in a small area and do one dog at a time, I am able to clean and disinfect easily and effectively after each dog
I always take notice of any lumps, bumps, skin irritations or other problems I might uncover in the grooming process and inform you if I find anything that might be of concern
I have a variety of all natural and medicated shampoos and match each dog to the shampoo(s) and treatments best for dogs' skin and coat type

Less Stress for Your Dog 
Dog does not have to leave his property and can see his home through my two large windows
Dog is started and finished immediately, no waiting in a crate all day
No contact with large amounts of dogs which can be intimidating to some dogs
No constant loud barking to distract and upset them
Ideal for nervous or older dogs who can not handle a long day in the stressful environment of a traditional salon
Ideal for dogs who dislike car rides
I personally groom your dog start to finish so they get to know and trust me. Some salons have one person bathe and brush the dog and another groom. The dog might get a different bather and a different groomer each time.